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FreeDome by Biofeed: Fruit fly ‘Iron Dome’

Friday, 22 February 2019 05:00 Written by 
  • Location(s): Ethiopia, India, Senegal, Togo, Israel
  • Type(s): Solution
  • Theme(s): Agriculture , Environment, Innovation, Rural Development, Technology, Green Economy
  • SDG(s): 1. No poverty, 2. Zero Hunger, 17. Partnerships for the Goals
  • Locations in Africa: Ethiopia, Senegal, Togo
  • Types in Africa: Solution
  • Themes in Africa: Agriculture , Environment, Innovation, Rural Development, Technology, Green Economy
  • SDGs in Africa: 1. No poverty, 2. Zero Hunger, 17. Partnerships for the Goals
  • Types of ComSec Solutions: Solution
  • Locations of WGEO Solutions: Ethiopia, India, Senegal, Togo, Israel
  • Type of WGEO Solution: Solution
  • Themes of WGEO Solutions: Agriculture , Environment, Innovation, Rural Development, Technology
  • SDG(s) in WGEO Solutions: 1. No poverty, 2. Zero Hunger, 17. Partnerships for the Goals

Problem: The Oriental fruit fly Bactrocera dorsalis has been decimating 300 fruit species in India and in 65 other countries in Asia, Africa and is considered to be the most destructive, invasive and widespread of all fruit flies.

Solution: Israeli innovative pest management company Biofeed Ltd. is the only company with an effective solution to the most damaging fruit fly species. It’s FreeDome solution acts as the Fruit fly ‘Iron Dome’ and protects the fruit from infestation by attracting the pest away from the fruit, using specific lures, into a mass attract-feed-control station.

Biofeed’s solution is ‘green’ no-spray, environmentally friendly solution against the Oriental fruit fly, and additional fruit fly species.  

Goals and Objectives: The solution aims to provide a season-long continuous and effective pest control, reduce infestation by 95% compared with current control strategies, and reduce spraying almost completely.

Implementation: The solution is developed by Biofeed, an ag-tech company in Israel which is a global leader in fruit fly control. The unique and innovative solution is developed with support of Grand Challenges Israel grant  from the Israel Innovation Authority and the Foreign Ministry’s international development agency, MASHAV.

The solution is based on Biofeed's patented Gravity Controlled Fluid Release (GCFR) technology that takes advantage of gravity, contrary to the common evaporation principle of most familiar attraction devices, and is thus very stable and highly effective. 

Biofeed’s devices, hung on trees, contain an organic customized mix of food, feeding stimulants and control delivered by a fluid release platform. Attracted by the odor, the fly takes a sip and soon dies – without any chemicals reaching the fruit, air, soil, farmer or non-target insects.

The launch of Biofeed’s first-in-class attractant for female Oriental fruit flies, has resulted from 15 years of development of the core platform and more than three years of development and testing in Israel and India.

The Biofeed platform is effective with as few as 10 units per hectare and for a period of a full seasons, before the dispenser needs replacing.

Achievements: Mango farmers on 3 Indian states (Tamil-Nadu, Andra-Pradesh, Karnataka) and 3 African countries (Togo, Senegal, Ethiopia) saw an overall decrease of fruit-fly infestation from 95% percent to less than 5%. Mango fruit was exported from Senegal to EU with zero spraying and zero infestation.

Contact details:
Address: Biofeed, Kfar Truman, Israel
Contact person: Dotan Peleg
Phone: 972-3-9742021
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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