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Supplying the job market with young professionals through ASAN Kadr Portal

Thursday, 14 April 2016 14:15 Written by 

Solution: Since its inception, ASAN Xidmət has become a state agency most widely applying the volunteer activity. Volunteerism is the activity undertaken by young people at ASAN Xidmət centers aimed at their self-development and enhancing their knowledge.

Goals and objectives: In order to facilitate employment opportunities for and support undergraduate and graduate ASAN volunteers in building their professional careers, ASAN Xidmət launched a website called ASAN Kadr ( in March 2015. This portal creates the bridge between young and experienced persons with distinctive work potential and public and private entities.

Implementation: Every young person between 17-25, both undergraduate and graduate, can apply for volunteerism in ASAN Xidmət. Those, who pass the selection process, undergo two-month volunteer work in ASAN Xidmət centers. Volunteers who successfully complete the contractual obligations are awarded a special certificate and reference by the State Agency and this provides an opportunity for their successful transition to the next phase of their professional life. So far more than 7000 young people have successfully undergone a volunteer activity in ASAN Xidmət centers.

Until 13 April 2016, 2227 CVs of ASAN volunteers have been uploaded on the portal. Moreover, 444 public and private entities have registered to the portal. Altogether 5579 job applications and job interviews have taken place through the portal.

Achievements: It is remarkable that so far 556 professionally distinguished young ASAN volunteers have found employment in ASAN Xidmət centers, other state entities, private companies and enterprises with 268 of them through the ASAN Kadr portal. Information on all volunteers, who have found employment, is regularly updated and their testimonials are placed on the portal.

Replication: The solutoijn can be replicated in countries in need to improve the youth employment system.

Budget: Access to and use of the portal by volunteers and entities are free of charge. Maintaining the portal is done by ASAN Xidmət HR Department, and requires minimum financial resources.

Contact details:  
Azerbaijan, Baku
ASAN Xidmət
Contact person: Mr. Elchin Huseynli
Phone: (+994) 12 444 74 41
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web links:,  

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