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ASAN Məktub (ASAN Letter)

Monday, 25 April 2016 13:56 Written by 

Solution: “ASAN Məktub” is a project initiatiated and implemented by the volunteers of ASAN Xidmət.

Goals and objectives: The overall purpose of the project is to promote the sense of social responsibility and social solidarity in the public by providing a conduit for responsible, benevolent and compassionate people and organizations willing to help realize wishes of children in orphanages or from low-income families, as well as children with disabilities or health impairments.

The project aims to bring joy to children that fall under the category of vulnerable groups. It also inculcates social responsibility senses under the slogan of “ASAN love toward children”, turns into reality wishes and dreams of children through the website.

Implementation: The concept of the project is as follows. Every child under 14 from all over Azerbaijan can write a letter of wish and ask for a dream gift, which is collected by ASAN volunteers and uploaded to the portal. Then any benevolent person privately or representing an organization may choose any letter or letters and assume commitment to realize the wish/wishes by leaving on the website his/her name and contact details. Afterwards, that person is contacted by a volunteer acting as “ASAN Messenger”, and they agree on a date and time when the gift can be collected.

The gift is then delivered to a child in any part of Azerbaijan by the ASAN Messenger, while a photo proof of the gift delivery is sent to the citizens via e-mail or other communication.

The project does not allow for donation of money and luxury goods, as well as second-hand goods. Gifts must be brand new. Also, the project guarantees the confidentiality of benefactors upon their preference.

Achievements: The project was launched in March 2015 and up until April 2016, more than 680 letters have been received and wishes of more than 570 kids have already been fulfilled.

Replication: Participation in the project is free. Maintaining the portal is done by ASAN volunteers and requires minimum financial resources.

Budget: Participation in the project is totally free of charge. Maintaining the portal is done by ASAN Volunteers and requires minimum financial resources. 

Contact details: 
Azerbaijan, Baku
ASAN Xidmət
Contact person: Mr. Elchin Huseynli
Phone: (+994) 12 444 74 41
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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